Back in 2016  GenLight began as a biotech start-up for developing new  diagnostic methods in biotechnology. Within two years we managed to open and fully equip and put into operation a molecular biology laboratory, and in February 2018 secured a grant from the national Fund for Innovation and Technological Development for developing a new generation of recombinant protein for detecting and measuring metabolic processes inside bacterial, yeast, or mammalian cells.

As soon as we began with research activities, one operational problem became increasingly noticeable. There were no representatives or suppliers in Macedonia who would offer good customer service, timely delivery of orders and value-based pricing of high quality chemicals, equipment and reagents needed for our laboratory. To amend this we established the GenLight Chemicals department which is fully equipped, staffed and ready to meet the needs of all laboratories in the country.

Among all of the industries GenLight has spread into as the first biotech company in Macedonia, as a comprehensive platform for analysis using biotechnology one driving principle in all of the partnerships and projects we undertake is to research and develop new testing methods and techniques for conducting tests and analyses.

Another turning point in GenLight’s development became apparent as the laboratory activities were progressing, and the laboratory didn’t have a quality management system that would allow for systematic development and validation of assays and results. The need for detailed monitoring of all laboratory activities, and factors leading to nonconformity of results generated during testing lead to the development of GenLight’s proprietary quality management system.

Having developed a wide range of expertise in testing different samples for various parameters and a research and development infrastructure unparalleled in the region, GenLight has begun disseminating that knowledge to other companies in Macedonia and neighboring countries. We have done this by establishing partnerships with three companies in the food and beverage industries wherein GenLight offers advice and testing services for quality control and product development purposes.