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GenLight is a one stop shop for laboratory analyses. We provide equipment, consumables, reagents and know-how for companies seeking to implement in-house analytical methods, and for every parameter you need to analyze we offer accredited laboratory analytics services.

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Testing of microbiological and physico-chemical parameters of food and water samples (Accredited by IARNM, according to MKC EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, Lab. No. LT-081)

Analytical testing services for the food, beverage and supplement industry

  • Testing services for quality control of biochemical parameters
  • Testing services for microbiological quality control
  • Testing of production environment
  • Generating data for optimizing operations management, product standardization, and identification of critical control points

Ready to use media for microbiology

We are an ISO 13485 compliant manufacturer of end-to-end solutions for microbiology testing in Food, Pharma and research applications.


GenLight distributes world class manufacturers in the Western Balkans

End to end solutions for introducing process controls and any analytical method, covering equipment, reagents and consumables.

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GenLight CRO

Contract Research Services covering in vitro, animal models, and microbiological classes of research projects

GenLight is a one-stop shop for services and supplies for analytical laboratories, industry, healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturers. For your in-house laboratory we can install and service the equipment you need, and all reagents and supplies you require. Based on your requirements we can also do the necessary qualification and training of your employees.

With our accredited laboratory we are a wide-ranging laboratory service provider for continuous quality control and analytical services. Our formula is simple, we integrate our teams with your quality control and R&D departments to implement and maintain tailored quality control solutions in a timely manner.

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